djangocms2000 - a flexible Django CMS


Designed to be a a drop-in replacement for django's built in Flatpages app, djangocms2000 is the tool I use for most static content on my django sites.

Its primary purpose is to allow ad-hoc content blocks, where structured content doesn't make sense - for example in a one-off template where the visual layout doesn't translate to a clean content structure.

Having been involved in a large-scale cms project in the past, I know only too well how such systems can bloat to the point where they actually get in the developer's way rather than helping. I've also found that clients don't actually use the cms that much -developers and account managers tend to end up doing most of the content maintenance, as well as authoring the initial site. With that in mind, my goals for this system were:

  • Must be easy enough for end-users with no html knowledge to use.
  • But, must be something I'm happy to use myself to set up a website instead of just writing plain html when there is no client cms requirement.

As well as utilising the built-in django admin, the cms includes baked in edit-in-place which allows simple one-click editing of content for logged-in admin users.

See the readme for more information.