What I’m doing now

updated 6/6/2017

I'm working on various website projects with Sons & Co and working part-time for an agricultural software startup. I'm also doing some contract work for an iwi media organisation, building the backend for a māori language learning resource, which is something I'm passionate about. I'm busy, but open to talk if you have an interesting proposal.

Professionally, my focus is on collaboration, delegation, and communication, because these skills are effectively a multiplier of an engineer's productivity. I'm leading two small software teams at the moment so I have plenty of opportunity to put this into practise.

Tech on my radar at the moment includes learning a lot about React and its associated ecosystem, as well as Webpack and Firebase. I'm following the development of Pipenv and hoping that it'll evolve into the canonical tool for managing python dependencies.

Outside of work, I'm spending a lot of time with my wife and daughters (3 years/6 months). Now that it's winter I'm doing less surfing (due to the lack of light, not the cold!) and more coding.