What I’m doing now

updated 22/09/2022

This is my /now page a la Derek Sivers. See nownownow.com for more info.

I'm Head of Engineering at a growing startup. Day-to-day I lead a team of 10 building a cloud platform, browser application and cross-platform SDKs. I'm learning a lot about management, product development, hiring, and leadership in general. I don't write a lot of code - I'm more likely to be writing a technical design in Notion, or creating a architecture diagram in Miro - but I still love creating for the web.

I've had very little time for side projects for quite a while now, but I'm hoping to find time for one over the next while - a Websocket load testing utility using serverless functions and a few tools I've been meaning to try out.

Outside of work, 3 kids, a dog, and a house project keep me pretty busy. I surf a lot though and have been actively trying to get better at that. I've also taken up skateboarding - about 30 years late, but better late than never!