What I’m doing now

updated 18/4/2017

I'm working on various website projects with Sons & Co but I'm actively looking for a side project. If you have an interesting idea for a web-based product and are looking for a technical co-founder, get in touch!

Tech on my radar at the moment includes learning a lot about Webpack and Firebase, and a couple of cool new (or new-to-me) dependency managers, Pipenv and Yarn.

Outside of work, I'm spending a lot of time with my wife and daughters (2.5 years and 2 months) and still managing to go surfing about once a week on average (living 5 min from the beach helps). Coming into winter I'll be doing less surfing (due to the lack of light, not the cold!) and probably more coding.

Autumn in Christchurch also means mushroom season, and although I've only been once this autumn it was a success with 3 good-sized porcini collected. I've also discovered horse mushrooms (delicious!) growing a short walk from my house.