Tragedy of the Commons 2005-2006

The reign of Tragedy of the Commons as Christchurch's premier orchestrators of musical chaos, while brief, left an indelible mark on the local music scene. Their bombastic musicality and wild theatrics assaulted the senses of fans from Timaru to New Brighton, and inspired legions of skinny emo kids to buy Squier strats and cheap solid-state amplifiers.

Their notable achievements included victory in the 2005 regional Primal Battle of the Bands, several placings in other competitions, and managing to convince both the Christchurch Polytechnic and the City Council that they were a mellow acoustic band (Captain's Calling anyone?)

Among their various recordings, ‘Live at Zebedees 2005’ stands out as the quintessential in-your-face indie record of recent times—capturing the TotC live show at its wild, offensive best—with no pretense to mainstream obligations such as studio engineering or gracious behaviour towards one's audience. In its own way, the record epitomised the experimental and alternative mantra of the band, and continues to provide a fitting tribute to the sonic juggernaut that was Tragedy of the Commons.

Choice moments in the history of TotC

  • Matt B mildly concussing himself by jumping from the bass drum upwards into a concrete beam.
  • Matt B taking Jeremy's headstock directly to the forehead.
  • Jeremy trying to punch his guitar through the ceiling of the foundry at the '05 BOB

Choice Quotes

“I'm highly offended you don't like our music” — Jeremy, ‘Live at Zebedees 2005’

“What, did you guys come here to play pool?” — Jeremy, a few moments later.

“Our sound has evolved somewhat” — Jeremy, as the band arrived to play at CPIT's ‘mellow lunchtime’ series, for which they had submitted Disarm's “Captain's Calling” as their demo.

“Can you ask Brehaut if I can borrow the Mesa/Sovtek/his guitar tonight?” — Jeremy, every week.

“It's already in the car.” — Matt, in response, every week.

“Gotta keep the cannons cool” — Tony, in reference to Matt and his consumption of jugs of water.