Music gear


  • Diplomat Tele — an old school MIJ tele copy- has a jazz-style humbucker at the bridge and has been retro-fitted with a seymour duncan hotrails at the neck. No longer has a dodgy nut, after Canterbury Music spent a month fiddling with it.
  • Profile Strat — another old japanese gat that plays really nicely. Recently treated to a set of Kinman AVN Blues noiseless single coil pickups- sounding good although still very bright- I'm thinking the guitar itself is just a very bright guitar, regardless of the pickups.
  • Ovation S778 — roundback, adamas top acoustic guitar – plugged-in tone is as good as you'll find for a piezo, and not too bad acoustic either.
  • Ibanez TV Series 12 String — An old school solid top 12 string guitar- sounds mint, but neck needs some work.
  • Baby Taylor — 3/4 scale solid top acoustic- sounds a lot better than you think it will... and fits in your carry-on luggage.


  • Korg Tuner — Self explanatory really- also functions as an impedance buffer betweeen guitar and low impedance effects:
  • Vox V847 Wah — The quintessential vintage wah...
  • Boss SD-1 — Standard boss overdrive
  • Diamond Memory Lane — More modulated bucket-brigade tonal bling- this one works reliably and also has tap tempo!
  • Ibanez DML delay — Great sounding and versatile modulation delay- one pedal which I'm glad has 6 knobs as it lets you get anything from a shimmering chorus to edge-style dotted quaver delay to spacey echos.


  • Matchless Spitfire — a 15w, all tube, EL84 powered, tube rectified tone machine
  • Acoustic Image Clarus — ultra-light 200w acoustic instrument amp, paired with an Ampeg 1x10 cab


  • Alesis iO|14 — Firewire recording console with 4 mic pres
  • Audio Technica AT3035 — Studio condenser mic
  • AKG k240 — Monitoring headphones

Other gear

  • Alto mixing desk — 16 channel, pretty cheap but does the job
  • DI boxes — one Behringer, one Alto
  • Cables — mostly homemade, with neutrik connectors
  • Piece of wood — with velcro, to which pedals are stuck


  • Peavey Wolfgang Archtop — basically, this thing out Les-Pauls every Les Paul I have ever played
  • Fender Strat — like, a proper one- L-Series perhaps...
  • Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb — for use with the above
  • Roland Space Echo — tape delay
  • 1913 Gibson Mandolin — As played recently at Emerald Music, Seattle - only $2k!